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We assist students from all parts of the world to obtain education at universities and colleges of excellent reputation based in the UK, Australia and other countries.

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The advantages of studying with Berkeley are:

  • Flexibility: for example, many students combine English with specialist subjects;
  • Highly qualified and inspiring teachers;
  • Small teaching groups and individual tuition;
  • Expert advice on boarding schools and universities;
  • A very wide range of subjects.


Private Tutors Forum - Berkeleyis an online interactive community for private tutors, parents and students in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for tutors in your area, or have questions about tutors, you’ve come to the right place. We feature a forum that is user-friendly to everyone where you can discuss various topics related to private tutoring, including private tutors, schools and universities, teaching, learning and exams.

At Berkeley, you can engage in lively interaction with tutors, students, parents and everyone else. This is the place where you can look for tutors for your children or for yourself as a student, and find out which tutors are the best for your needs in specific learning environments. Different tutors provide different services, and finding the right tutors for yourself or your children is of paramount importance.

For private tutors who run a business of their own, Berkeley is a place where you can meet, collaborate and discuss topics with other tutors. Perhaps you have found a new and ingenious way of teaching a certain subject, or you may have a problem with one of your students other tutors can jump in and help you with ideas for how to tackle problems with student learning and retention, new ways to teach a difficult subject and other tutors-related problems and solutions.

Educating parents, students and tutors about private tutoring in general is what Berkeley is all about. We have a high quality and standard at the Private Tutors Forum, and we promote a intelligent, respectful and engaging environment for all. To maintain this high standard of quality, we ask that you read the tutors forum guidelines for more information.

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